New Windows 9 rumor – Microsoft working on 2 OS projects?

So obviously since Windows 8 is done, you would expect the Windows 8 project team to be in Hawaii getting a well deserved break. Well, they aren’t.

They’re hard at work on the next version of Windows – we’ll say it’s Windows 9 for now.

In addition though, it seems that they are working on a mysterious add on to Windows 8 code named “Blue”.

Apparently, the “Blue” code continues to have the same build string numbers that Windows 8 had.

Someone sent a joke in and said Project Blue was the project that would add the Start Menu back to Windows 8 and allow booting straight to the desktop.


As soon as we know, you will too.


  • Roi

    Microsoft knows that Windows 8 will fail, so they’re already working on Windows 9.
    It was the same with Windows Vista – they knew it’ll fail so they built Windows 7 meanwhile.

    • Rex

      Ms makes OS, they don’t stop. even before they finish one, they start the next.

    • Dan Dar3

      That’s obviously a message from someone that doesn’t know how software projects are being developed. The preparations for the next version usually start way before the old one is even released, otherwise you’ll miss your release cycles.

  • W C

    There are always naive guys start commenting without knowing what they are talking about. They never stop making noise.