I guess now is the time to bid final goodbye to the classic Windows feature.

While a Start Menu would obviously make the transition (and for some, life) a lot easier, it would ultimately be a 180° for Microsoft and its future plans to integrate the PC with mobile devices.

If there were two separate versions of Windows 8, one exclusively for the desktop and another with an exclusive touch interface for tablets, it might work. But imagine a touch optimized operating system where most of the users are still using it primarily with a keyboard and mouse.

Not a funny sight, I’d reckon.

Julie Larson-Green, the new Windows boss seems to think along these lines too.

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, the head of the Windows division over at Microsoft said that the Start Screen is the perfect dashboard for users to quickly and easily access their most needed content on their computers:

“With Windows 8, all the different things that you might want to do are there at a glance with the Live Tiles. Instead of having to find many little rocks to look underneath, you see a kind of dashboard of everything that’s going on and everything you care about all at once. It puts you closer to what you’re trying to get done”.

That’s that, it seems.

This statement is in line with her predecessor (Steven Sinofsky) and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who both believe it is just a matter of time until everyone gets used to the Start Screen.

Those who can’t or don’t want to can always download a variety of replacement utilities that add a start menu to Windows 8. Software, both free and paid, like Start8, StartMenuPlus8 and Win8StartButton.

They may not be the official thing — but they get the job done, and then some.

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  • 123321

    a startbutton in windows 8 just doesn’t make sense. Imagine you’ve snapped another app on the left side of the desktop… Now, do you really want a startbutton in the middle of the screen? Wtf… That’s crazy. I think Microsoft did the right choice in putting away the startbutton in windows 8. And yep it won’t come back.

  • Alphere

    I am used to start screen now. And I find it easier finding the apps with the Start screen since I organized the apps by groups and I can simply move my mouse to the left or right edge to auto pan. That is much easier than opening nested folders in Start menu.

  • Misterbear Fapp

    I’m not getting all the constant whining. From the Windows 8 desktop, if you put your pointer in the lower left corner you get a Start option just like previous versions of Windows. If you click on it, you get frequently used programs just like previous versions. If you click the bottom of the Start Menu you can bring up all your programs JUST LIKE PREVIOUS VERSIONS! Really, how many more frantic and ridiculous opinion pieces do we need over a fairly uncomplicated change to the Start Menu? Did you know the steering wheel on my car isn’t completely round? Please don’t faint.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1330984333 Daryl Thomas Kane

    windows 8 will lose money sooner or later at the moment windows 7 is ahead of 60 million or more copy’s sold and windows 8 40 million so really we need the start menu back is will boost up sales and get people to upgrade

  • Snik

    hey stun, nobody wants the metro turd…. figure it out, or crash and burn…

  • 8isright

    For those needing All Programs without leaving desktop try this toolbar shortcut

    right click the task bar, Toolbars & click New Toolbar

    copy/ paste this line into Folder name box at bottom

    %ProgramData%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

    click Select Folder
    now you have a new toolbar with menu on a mouseclick