Terry Myerson has one of the toughest jobs in computing technology. The new head of the operating systems division at Microsoft talked about Windows 8.1 on the day it hit the Windows Store, and as expected, the man is all praise for the new OS.

In a post on the official blog, he explains that Windows 8.1 brings a number of important enhancements and is able to provide one experience for everything in your life.

“If you’re already running Windows 8, download 8.1 tomorrow to see the new Windows, which brings you one experience for everything in your life. And if you’re in the market for a new device, keep an eye out for the great new Windows devices that will be on store shelves this holiday season: from affordable phones, 8” tablets and touch PCs to high-end devices, there’s a Windows device for you.”

Microsoft is awfully confident of seeing a bunch of new devices hitting the store shelves in the coming months, and the company has worked very closely with its partners to make sure of this fact.

And Myerson used the occasion to talk about and highlight these other devices, saying that Windows powered computers, tablets and smartphones provide a unique experience that is unmatched and impossible to find on products created by competition — he got this part right:

“Quickly get to your favorite apps and content with Live Tiles. Take pictures on your Windows Phone and show them to your friends and family on a Windows device or Xbox with SkyDrive integration. With Bing, it’s easier than ever to find what you need, from a document on your laptop to text within a photo taken on your Windows Phone.”

Anyway, the Windows division still has a challenging task on its hand. The latest versions of the company’s flagship operating system come with a number of changes like the introduction of the new Modern UI and the lack of the Start Menu.

Not all of these revisions have resonated well with end consumers, but Myerson would be hoping it all changes with Windows 8.1, starting this week.

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  1. I liked 8.1 as soon as I downloaded the preview.

    • Rodney Longoria / October 17, 2013 at 2:05 pm /Reply

      Yep, me too, @disqus_aUjJoK3PRk:disqus. It was a HUGE difference, and the RTM version is even better. 🙂

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