New Windows hardware to review – The Asus Transformer Book T100, The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and The Sony Vaio Tap 11

OK, so I got some new hardware to review over the next few days since my company will be looking to buy Windows hardware.

The units are:

I wanted to touch base with the readers to ask what you’re most interested in learning about these units so I can tailor the review to what you’re looking for.

Use the comments below and let me know.

  • Andrew

    I care about pricing the most…

  • Arnold

    I already have seen the T100 its a great device for the price my coworker has it. But honestly believe my Asus vivoRT is better, I just fell RT is a ether OS for tablets. But I would love to see that Vaio Tap 11.

    • Arnold

      FYI I settled and decided on the vivotab RT because of the review you did Onoura, please stick to reviews and not criticism its what you are good at.

      • Andrew

        But don’t you love the Vivotab though? It was a FUN machine!

        • Arnold

          Yes I love my vivotab RT. That is my every day use machine. I am an IT systems administrator, of course I have a good desktop PC at work and powerful servers to play with for days. But when I am home on the road whatever, My consumption device is my vivotab RT and it makes me super happy.

  • Haichih Hwa

    I owned the T100. You can’t beat its fill Windows 8 performance + battery life with the price <=$400!!!

  • Miguel Ortiz

    I really care about specifications, even when Lenovo has a poor battery life, Lenovo is strong when we care about assembling, so my inclination is for Lenovo.

  • Stan Hood

    I been wanting a portable setup. I would like The Asus Tansformer Book T100. I’m retired not a hole lot to do any more. Thank for the chance!

  • Xracer

    I have been thinking of getting the “Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro”. Thanks.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Cool..then I’ll start with that one….