Microsoft has just put up a new temporary software section in the US version of its store, with the aim of helping consumers find the perfect gift for a grad.

And as you would expect, where there are gifts there is shopping — this subcategory is mostly filled with shopping applications like Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, eBay, Newegg and Nook.

Almost all of them are offered with a free license and all work on both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

The description of the category reads:

“Congratulate your grad with the perfect gift! Whether they’re leaving home for the first time or just starting a new career, you can find them a gift that will celebrate their big accomplishment and help them take that next big step.”

These apps will obviously stay in the spotlight section of the Windows Store for a limited time only, as Microsoft finds new Metro tools to promote regularly. If you are in the mood, fire up the Windows Store and take a tour of this new subcategory.

Speaking of which, the apps repository is cruising along in high gear.

The Windows Store currently houses more than 77,000 apps, and this is a figure that is continually growing on a regular basis. Microsoft will be hoping to see it cross the hundred thousand mark by the time the refresh of its operating system (Windows 8.1) hits general availability.

And judging by the pace thing are going, it just may.

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