New Xbox rumor – Xbox could be called Xbox 8

This is an interesting rumor and would actually be cool if it was executed.

The website is reporting that the next generation Xbox may be called “Xbox 8“.

Whilst the next-gen Xbox is commonly known and referred to as an Xbox 720 – it was previously rumoured due to an MS Nerd source as codename ‘Loop’, whilst other sources point to the direction of ‘Xbox Infinity’. Would it shock you so much that Microsoft are pondering over naming the third generation Xbox console, which just so happens to be an eighth generation home console, “XBOX 8″ in line with Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 that will fluently all interconnect with each other.

That name sounds great if you ask me. It would be a perfect tie in with the Windows 8 brand.

What do you guys think?

  • Paul

    Please say you made this up.  What an awful name that would be….

  • xinu

    I think that would be a terrible name.

  • Robert_IT

    The way this works is they send out surveys under formal NDA and provide lists of names to vote on. Based on the survey results that’s how the name is determined.

    As for that making sense, well it doesn’t to me but perhaps I missed the legal aspects. I think they should let the XBOX fans vote via a XBOX public survey that way majority wins.