Newest Windows 8 Build is 8063.0.110804-1922

And the beat goes on. is reporting that the latest Windows 8 Build is 8063.0.110804-1922.

This is a Milestone 3 build and was allegedly compiled on August 4th.

At this point though, nobody can say with certainty what build of Windows 8 will be presented at the BUILD conference and whether attendees will get a copy of that version.

What we can be sure about though is the fact that Steven Sinofsky must have the Windows 8 development team working like crazy to get the demos bug free.

Remember guys, the screen can’t go blank or have a Black Screen of Death during a demo. This is the BIG time and the whole world is watching!

No pressure…


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  • Pit

    Cannot wait to get my hands in the beta release!