Been holding out on that ideal ultrabook purchase? How about some Intel Broadwell magic? The elusive central processing family has been delayed from its original schedule, but interest in it remains high.

Part of that is due to the improvements it promises to bring — most notably on the power front.

Intel has set sights on pushing the notebook market into the ultrathin era. And when it comes to ultrabooks, the chip giant wants to bring around devices that offer much improved power consumption, to go with Ultra HD panels and WiGig wireless technology.

Basically, everything great about computing rolled into one sleek design.

And as this new report claims, Intel will soon initiate work on these next generation ultrabooks that will be powered by Broadwell chips. Expected time of arrival is the fourth and final quarter this year.

This is, obviously, another leak, and one that comes from a less than trusty source.

Then again, interestingly, a recently leaked Dell roadmap showed that it is ready to launch its refreshed new Dell XPS 13 ultrabook that bundles in a Broadwell chip in the third quarter of 2014. Intriguing.

The situation, one might suppose, will become clearer in the coming months.

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  1. Give me a WIndows Tablet or 2-in-1 Ultrabook PC that has the same runtimes as I have today (6-8 hrs) but in a thinner and lighter package. Looks like Broadwell would support that sort of offering. Should be interesting to see which way OEMs go, thinner/lighter or run longer? Hopefully Surface 3 Pro will go the thinner / lighter route.

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