We have known for a while now that Samsung is developing a new Windows Phone handset. Then again, for a company this large, one that has a separate unit for Microsoft’s mobile platform, this is the least to be expected.

The Korean giant may not seem overly enthusiastic with the platform (not when it is the Android king and is also developing its own solution), but it cannot afford extended latency.

Anyway, after a handful of early rumors, one of the most reliable of leakers, @evleaks, has provided us with the name of the upcoming device:

“Verizon’s Samsung Huron to be branded ATIV SE at retail.”

Up until now this handset has been known by its model number (SM-W750V) or codename (Huron).

But the ATIV moniker was to be expected, nothing radical here. Samsung launched the ATIV S with Windows Phone way back in late 2012. That handset was based largely upon the Galaxy S III. It was followed by a refresh, the ATIV S Neo.

Since then, the company has released only one other Windows Phone 8 handset, the midrange Odyssey.

All that is now set to change with the Windows Phone 8.1 on the horizon. Chances are that we might not hear anything official about the ATIV SE until Microsoft unveils the next version of its mobile operating system at the BUILD 2014 event in early April.

And while the name is nothing special, at least Windows Phone fans have something to look forward to.

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  1. Why not give it a catchier name? Huron would have been better. You give your Android line a catchy name like Galaxy, then you give the Windows Phone this oddball name. What BS.

  2. Macpaul Emeka Ekwueme / February 27, 2014 at 2:41 pm /Reply

    I seriously think MS should go the way of Apple and make their WP devices all by themselves now that they have Nokia. And while at it, strive for the best possible user experience in terms of syncing software and hardware and OS updates.

    • That’s a real possibility, though the company might wait an year or two to see how the Windows Phone partners handle hardware, now that Windows Phone 8.1 is almost upon us.

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