Windows 8 sales continue to be slow, and many users continue to push the idea that the start menu needs to return. It’s not going to happen. There are several reasons, but the biggest reason is that Microsoft is riding on the new UI’s ability to give them a piece of the mobile pie. They aren’t backing down.

That said, rumors suggest that there isn’t going to be a start menu in the next version of Windows, but we can expect an improved start UI experience that makes navigation much easier. Now, I hesitate to call this rumored version “Windows 9”. Why? Because “Blue” is said to arrive sometime towards the year’s end and so is more than likely Windows 8.1 if it is true.

Yes, we talk about Windows Blue a lot around here. For good reason, as it seems to be the only real news about Windows development beyond Windows 8 that we know of so far.

Okay, back to the rumor. It seems that a Taiwanese forum user claims he is running Windows alpha build 9622. The user refers to it as Windows 9, but again, there is no official reason for us to believe that Windows Blue is the next MAJOR upgrade to Windows. Instead, it is more likely a service pack.

The user claims build 9622 has a much improved start menu experience, which should resolve some of the big complaints that users are having with Windows 8 so far.
Should we believe any of this? I’d be cautious, but it is certainly possible. Windows 8.1 isn’t a bad thing. Windows 8 is a good OS, but I admit that switching between desktop and Metro still feels a bit like dual-booting.

There needs to be further improvements that make the two Uis feel like they belong together, and if Microsoft needs to release 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and beyond to get there– so be it.

Honestly, no one should be that surprised if Windows 8.1 does come this year. Why? Honestly, if Microsoft waits until the full Windows 9 to make any major changes to its tablet OS, they will be percieved as behind when compared to iOS and Android. Both of these operating systems get a new version at least every year.

Do you like what you’ve seen with Windows 8? If not, what do you think needs to be fixed with Windows 8.x or Windows 9 in order for Microsoft to win you over to the new UI?

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  • Rodney Longoria

    Well Andrew, I’m not having a problem with switching back and forth between the desktop and the Start UI. But I get where you’re coming from. Maybe they should just make the desktop look like it’s a part of the UI experience and be done with it.

    • Andrew_Grush

      I agree that it isn’t that difficult, but it is a little clunky at this point. I agree about making the desktop look/feel more like the new UI experience— though that might anger some folks even more. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  • Daryl Thomas Kane

    bring back start menu because the sales are low compare to windows 7. Windows 7 is the top notch because there is a start menu there they CAN NOT FORCE USER TO USE WINDOWS 8 OR 9 the only way they are gonna succeed is to ditch start UI and make it just like windows 7. have a look on youtube even the 12 year old cant do it

    • iBooa the First

      Gosh, I’m so mad that microsoft FORCED US TO USE Windows 95! I hate the start menu, and they should revert to windows 3.1!!!!!

      Okay, I just said that, but they will never do it. Why? They’ve moved on, and now they would get criticism from the people who objected back then in the first place. I say, stand firm in what you’re going to do. The smart people will catch on quickly, and the idiots will soon be clinging to the start UI too.

    • Andreja Dodov

      “Bring back start menu” ?! Well, my little friend, you giot the START MENU all over the screen 🙂 it’s the metro.. uf, sry, its the start Modern UI Screen! that’s your START BUTTON if you like to call it that way. it’s definitively much better then the old menu. But the old habits die hard 🙂

      • Kevin Joel


    • Kevin Joel


    • Windows8FTW

      Not such a guy again… the sales would be low also IF there would be a start menu. Why? Because people like Windows 7 and would have no reason to switch. They’re not like “IT HAS A START MENU, GET IT!”

      And the 12 year old called “very good with computers” is NOT very good with computers. Actually he does VERY silly things. I saw a video of a 4 years old using it, showing her hand using the mouse (so, no older person controlled it).

      Microsoft hopefully will not go back because some people want to stick to the old – stick to floppy discs, if you like the old!

  • Itachi

    well I’m 14 yrs old when I try win 8 and I master it in just 5-6 min :3

    • iBooa the First

      I was 14 when the developer preview came out, and didn’t see what the big deal was then either. Maybe we’re just smarter than the average person. 🙂

    • Kevin Joel

      there’s nothing hard about w8, pple just dont like change….

  • spindle

    its very very simple guys stay with windows 7 as apparently many are doing i have been contimplatig windows 8 does not really appeal to me at all windows 7 works great the best operating system yet from ms.

    • Kevin Joel

      moving forward aint ur thing eh?

  • Kellen Masuda

    perhaps apps needs to be resizeable on the desktop (since they’re going to flatten the desktop anyways) I just hope the next iteration of windows (whatever it is) doesn’t reduce desktop functionality (and not ugly ). Honestly, I say leave it be but I guess ill just see what thats like.

    I dont have much complaints about windows 8, I just wish ms listened more to their customers.

  • Jonathan Bishop

    I imagine that the future of Windows would (ideally) be one where there is almost no navigation involved, and which is presented in a completely natural interface that is at the same time almost nonexistent- the user would almost become a part of it, physically interacting with the content itself. There would also be no distinction between computers, tablets, or phones; rather people would just have a “device” that had no physical screen, but used virtual holographic displays, which people would use for a phone, computer, etc. Microsoft has started to evolve its products this way, it’s just set back by today’s technologies… (Apple and Google, on the other hand, have not quite foreseen this electronic evolution so far)

  • Alex Bocanegra

    I’m still waiting for a PC that heeds my SPOKEN commands, rather than tactile inputs…

  • Alex Bocanegra

    Now that I think of it, pair voice recognition with an interface like google glass for computing, an earpiece like what appeared in the movie from 10 yrs ago, Minority Report, for communications and we all can have our truly personal computer. More interesting would be evolving that so the earpiece becomes a “jewel”, as in Ender’s Game, and then we could all have our personal Jane. I only wish I could live to see the wonders to come…

  • Chris B

    I really don’t understand all the fuss is about? I think Windows 8 looks great and works great especially with a touch screen. It is time to move on from the boring desktop experience. Okay, so it still needs a few things ironed out, but come on peeps.

  • Starflare5

    Here’s the way I feel about it, and maybe some of you that remember might agree, but, when did the bringing back of program manager indicate an advancement in technology? That’s basically what the Metro UI is, just a fancier version of it. What Microsoft should have done is a blend with a choice to switch back and fourth between the classic Start Menu UI and the new Metro UI. They gave no one an actual choice and just pretty much told people “Here, take it and you’ll like it,” when it’s clear that most people have actually revolted from that. It’s not that people don’t like change, it’s the fact that none of us were actually eased smoothly into the change or even given a choice in the matter. With that said, I dug up a program that actually allows me to have the choice in Windows 8 and switches the UIs as if they were themes, and, it has the classic explorer in it from one of the Windows 8 betas. Now, if a third party program can do that, then certainly, Microsoft absolutely could have done it without any harm to the OS. Seriosuly, I clearly believe that microsoft dropped the ball in this matter.

  • Derek Castleton

    The user folder where all you own folders and files are has a problem with it they keep resetting when you log in to use them and the Picture library to need fixing and the waiting time form login is taking longer then windows 7 for the hard drive to being on full.

  • roundabout

    Windows 8 leaves me with little control over my computer… with entire pages popping up out of the blue, updates that are not really an option “your computer will be updated in one day”… blah blah blah. I hate the control that Windows 8 has on my computer, and which I have lost since having Windows 7. I know no one over thirty that loves Windows 8. We like the control we have in navigation… maybe younger people are used to being controlled more? Windows 8… psy op?

  • Brian

    if you refuse to bring back the start mune i refuse to install any copy of windows period. i will stick with linux. who in there right mind wants a virus magnet like microsoft. i will keep my virus free linux thanks. i have been a customer of microsoft for over 10 years and it has gone to crap with windows 8. if you make a poor choice to keep the style of windows 8 i will no longer do business with microsoft. i want a classic windows with a start mune this is one thing i do not agree with.

    • Brian

      sorry i mis spelled munu.