Nextgen Reader For Windows 8.1 Goes Free For One Day, Grab It Now

In the market for a powerful and capable news reader for your Windows 8.1 device? What would you say to a download of one of the most popular choices on the Windows Store? For free?

Nextgen Reader is available for free, only for today.

As this report reveals, the app originally came with a price tag of $2.99 in the Windows Store, and this price cuts make one of the most popular application on the app repository available for download free of charge for users of Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1.

The app is a breezy download at just 0.7MB, but it comes with a clean and beautiful interface, complete with keyboard support to go with a touch optimized UI. Feedly compatibility is also offered to go with support for multiple themes in a 3-pane view, and Live Tile pinning on the Start Screen.

Safe and secure authentications complete the experience to ensure that you get to read news form your favorite sources with complete ease.

Anyway, three bucks is usually a pretty sound investment, for a quality app like this, so you have no excuse to fire up the Windows Store and grab it at this good a price.

The original price will be restored tomorrow, so hit up this link to take a look at Nextgen Reader.

  • Jason Claven

    This is a great app and an even better offer! Bravo, Microsoft.

    • Bill Franklin

      Agreed. I also like how it is only 0.7 mb. It doesn’t take up any space.

      • Emily Williams

        Im with you, gentlemen! Free is a price we can all agree on.

  • Jake Phillips

    Whoever came up with this promotion needs a raise!

  • Wayne Scott

    THANKS FOR POSTING! Downloading now.

    • Fahad Ali

      You’re welcome, Wayne. Already downloaded!