The Verizon Lumia Icon Denim update story lingers on, with no set date in sight when the new firmware will begin rolling out for users. Even Microsoft has no idea.

Verizon customers started receiving the Lumia Denim update in December, but only those that had the Lumia 822 and 928 saw action. The network promised an early 2015 release for the Icon, but as of right now the update is still being worked on.

Then again, Verizon has rarely switched into high gears when it comes to the Window Phone platform.

Icon has not actually received Lumia Cyan update, and the Verizon customers are stuck with the original Lumia Black update — basically two firmware versions behind.

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft responded to Lumia Icon owners on Twitter, repeating his earlier statement that the update will be made available in early 2015, which could potentially mean March:

In a subsequent tweet he emphasized that both Microsoft and Verizon are working on completing the update, with testing still underway as well as fixing various bugs. Meaning, no firm date yet:

Quiet disconcerting for Lumia owners, this.

Luckily, more and more users around the world have started receiving update notifications for Lumia Denim, including many Lumia 930 owners. Plus, only one small incremental upgrade remains for Microsoft on Windows Phone 8.1.

And then it’s Windows 10 for Phones all around later this year.

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