Win8china has reported that Desktop gadgets support has been removed from the latest internal builds of Windows 8.

While this feature was present in Consumer Preview and Release Preview, it is not expected to be included in the final release.

Desktop gadgets were introduced in Windows Vista.

In Windows Vista gadgets were present in a sidebar, but in Windows 7, Microsoft introduced standalone gadgets which could be placed anywhere on the screen.

A few gadgets came pre-installed with Vista and Windows 7. Microsoft also provided option of downloading lots more gadgets via Microsoft’s website.

Microsoft’s decision of removing gadgets can be considered yet another step towards metrofying the desktop in Windows 8.

What do you think?

Is Microsoft’s decision of removing gadgets right??

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  • 123321

    there are enough more useful metroapps to replace the desktop gadgets. for example the weather app. you can see everything you need directly from the startscreen on your weatherapp-livetile. it perfectly fits in the whole win8 design. desktop gadgets just don’t fit into the whole win8 user experience. but i don’t think many users will miss them.

  • Brian

    Ya I think Microsoft is doing the right thing on removing gadgets 

  • un-village-seoul

    YES – I think microsoft is making the right decision.  Removing this resource hungry hog will not only reduce the weight of W8, but possibly the cost as well.

  • Tarkus

    The question is not whether or not it’s a good idea to remove gadget support.  The question should be whether or not it’s a good idea to be making so many fundamental changes this close to RTM.  And I think the answer is pretty clear that it’s not.  This feels way more rushed than any Windows release I can think of.

  • Ray Horn

    Typical dumb-ass move by Microsoft!  Falls into the McDonalds/Macintosh mentality >> They truly believe that they can control what the consumer wants or needs. This marketing blunder might just be a great opportunity for Linux to gain market share.

    • Rex

      How surprising someone unhappy with change. What would be the point of producing Windows 7.1? Change happens. If you cant keep up, get out of the way.