The show will not go on. FIFA Mobile, the popular football game (okay, soccer game), has been a mainstay on Windows Phone for quite a while.

Even as other major titles started leaving the platform a couple of years back.

The title is obviously still listed on the Windows Store, with no sign whatsoever from the company that support will soon end. In fact, the company still continues to promote the game on its website for all three mobile platforms that it is available on β€” iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

But EA Sports has officially confirmed in a Facebook post that this is the end of the line for the game, and it will be terminating support for FIFA Mobile on Windows phones later this year.

In just three months from now:

β€œOn November 7, we will be turning off all online functions for FIFA Mobile for Windows mobile devices. We would like to thank everyone who has played and enjoyed the game this past year.”

Oh well.

Thank you, in fact.

EA Sports further said that the decision to retire games services is never an easy one to make, but the dwindling market share of Windows Phone clearly meant that the end of the road for FIFA Mobile on the platform had to come sooner rather than later.

Game and app developers have very little incentive to continue supporting the mobile OS.

Fans of the game will obviously be disappointed with it, but then again, Windows Phone users are no stranger to exits like these.

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