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No More Windows Vista Blue Screen Errors

Even though people are getting their operating systems updated with the latest service packs, the blue screen is still alive. I have really come to realize this is just going to be one of the issues Windows is going to have. And, I really do not fault Microsoft for it. They are just trying to make an OS that is compatible and flexible for so many software platforms. When you tackle a feat this large, there are still going to be some issues. So, yes, there are still going to be Windows Vista blue screen errors.

The good news is there is one thing you can do now, that will always keep your computer from getting these. Or, if nothing else, you can fix what just caused your blue screen. It is a small piece of software called registry repair software.

Let’s see if we can keep this simple. There are a set of operating instructions for your computer called the registry. In this place called the registry, and files that tell the computer how to operate certain pieces of hardware and certain pieces of software. You may have seen some of the files. They will have the “dll” extension. These are just registry files. If any of these gets corrupted, messed up, or missing, these will cause the blue screen to appear.

To be a little more specific, these errors cause more than just blue screens. If you have ever had a computer just shut down, or automatically restart, or freeze up, these are all registry issues. Luckily, these registry issues are fairly easy and quick to fix.

Once you install this software, it will scan your computer and find all of the potential errors you have. The very first time I ran this, I found over 1,000 errors on my computer. I was amazed. Then, I just clicked one button and the software corrected all of these issues. I think the entire process lasted about 10 minutes.

Another feature this software has is the ability to run automatically. This is a key point as well. I run mine every week, on a Saturday. This means I do not need to try to remember anything. I set it up once, and let it run on autopilot. How simple is that?

There really is no need to get frustrated with a slow computer, or any other computer errors like blue screens of death. Registry repair software will quickly and easily find the errors and fix them. And, when you add in the automatic find and repair feature, your computer will be running like new from now on.

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