No news on Windows RT RTM date yet

All the news about the RTM of Windows 8 has been cool but it’s interesting that we don’t know if Windows RT has RTM’ed yet.

Mary Jo Foley had this to say:

Update: When I asked today whether Windows RT had RTM’d, I received a no comment from Microsoft. Also still getting a no comment as to when IE 10 on Windows 7 will be available. It’s IE 10 for Windows 8 that RTM’d today.

Remember that Windows RT is the Operating System that will be used by ARM powered Windows 8 devices.

One more thing – (a pet peeve for me) – it’s also important to remember that Windows RT will be used on laptops and possibly some PC’s as well.

It’s not solely a Tablet Operating System.

We’ll bring you news of the Windows RT RTM (yes I know it sounds funny) as soon as we know…