According to an unofficial tweet, that is. But it is hard to see the company not to. The mobile revolution might have taken many by surprise, but this time all parties are going in locked and loaded.

Microsoft is also said to be working on its solution, Samsung has gone in and released it, Apple is bound to be cooking something up, and Google recently unveiled it. Sony is in the mix too, though the Japanese giant is taking a different route than Android Wear. Even LG and Motorola are in.

And now Nokia is also said to be diving into the deep ocean of wearable computing.

The company is apparently working on new smartwatches, and according to this tweet from WPCentral, such wearables from Nokia are destined for arrival in the second half of the year:

“Wearables from Nokia won’t be until later this year, not at Build. Buy they may make some app announcements.”

BUILD 2014 is next week, and we just might get a glimpse (like a dedicated app) or at least hints at future wearable from Nokia. Or just some good old Windows Phone apps, who knows?

There is obviously another important factor to consider here, though.

The devices and services division of Nokia will start functioning under the Microsoft umbrella sometime next month, so if this report is true, it remains to be seen whether these upcoming wearables will be running on a special flavor of Windows or some other operating platform.

Interesting times, as they say, are ahead.

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  • Sally Black

    I don’t think these are something I would ever use or want, but it’s obviously good news for the company that’s trying to keep up with the likes of samsung and google. However, I don’t see this being a great success.

  • Ted Smith

    Someone needs to explain to me why this is necessary or innovative? What does this do that makes my life any easier or better? I’d rather have a phone that does all this stuff.

  • Jason Claven

    I’m sure this will be extremely popular, so it’s smart for Nokia to get involved. But as Ted and Sally said, I do not really see the benefit of having this. Too much technology.

  • Jake

    I actually think this could be cool. I like the idea of looking at my wrist quickly and seeing the weather or breaking news quickly. I look forward to seeing how this looks.