Time for a statistics break! Even though a certain Finnish company completely dominates the Windows Phone market share numbers, they still are an interesting read. And the latest ones from AdDuplex are just in, and just like last month, Nokia is the company to beat.

If you are looking for the latest Nokia flagship — the Lumia 1020 — you will be disappointed. The illustrious 41 megapixel device is still climbing up the ranks.

But the August numbers from AdDuplex show that the affordably pleasant Nokia Lumia 520 remains the king of the hill. The smartphone is the one Windows Phone device on the advertising company’s network with a remarkable share of 18 percent

Lumia 920 follows with 11 percent, and the Lumia 620 takes up the top four alongside the Lumia 710 nine and eight percent market share respectively.

HTC makes an entry as the only non-Nokia Windows Phone device in the worldwide top ten. HTC 8X finds itself at the number ten slot, with a well-earned four percent.

The Taiwanese company would be hoping for a change in fortunes soon as it reportedly gets ready to launch a Windows Phone version of the HTC One in the fall. Both Nokia and Samsung are also said to be readying a bunch of new devices — and the overall landscape could change in just a few months’ time.

But right now, the current generation Nokia Lumia lineup rules the roost, both worldwide and in the US.

The most popular Windows Phone in the United States, for example, is the Lumia 822. Which in of itself is a fair bit surprising, but that’s statistics for you! The Lumia 822 takes top honors at 18 percent, and the Lumia 920 follows hot on its heels at 16 percent.

HTC 8X is at a very respectable 13 percent in this particular chart — good enough for a podium finish.

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