Windows Phone 7.8, where are you? Honestly, I think waiting until early 2013 is a bit much. I understand that Microsoft is busy, but really how hard would it have been to have a more timely update schedule?

The good news is that there have been at least a few phones that have managed to get the update already. That said, Microsoft hasn’t give us any reasons for why a few phones have managed to get 7.8 while others haven’t.

When Neowin reached out to ask about what’s going on, Microsoft had this to say:

We’re working closely with our hardware and carrier partners to get it tested, approved, and rolled out to as many devices as possible in early 2013.

As you can see, that really told us nothing. Luckily, Nokia has given us a bit more information as to why some handsets are waiting until 2013 while others are already seeing it rollout. According to Nokia, they have started to push the update out to pre-production devices like those owned by developers, journalists and other special customers. Their direct carrier devices on the other hand will not see the update until early 2013 as planned.

This makes sense, though we would have rather received the answer that Nokia is preparing to push it out to everyone this month.

For those clinging to Windows Phone 7.x handsets, are you excited for this update or are you jumping ship to Windows Phone 8 or another platform the second your contract runs out?

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  • Carl Vergara

    I suppose to get Windows 8 phone but because my old Windows Phone can’t upgrade to the latest OS, unlike androids & iPhone (which can easily be upgraded to their respective OS), I have 2nd thoughts

    • WillyThePooh

      My android phone is still stuck in 2.2. So you can’t upgrade old android phone. Same as iOS. Not all iOS can upgrade to the latest iOS.

  • Misterbear Fapp

    Dissatisfaction brought me back to Microsoft products. I’m beginning to feel dissatisfied again, but in such a way that I may consider having nothing at all. I’d own my own time again.

  • Robert Kegel

    I still don’t know if Sprint is going to get the 7.8 update on the Arrive. They don’t have a Windows 8 phone yet (though I hear 2013 they will have one). Is this one of the mandatory updates that every carrier has to give its customers or will we be left in the dark?