When it comes to rumors, there is certainly a sliding scale when it comes to “believability”. Sometimes, rumors seem so plausible that it’s pretty much easy to fully agree that it must be the truth. Other times, the rumor seems stupid and illogical– the rumor of Nokia making an Android smartphone fits solidly into that category.

Okay, the idea of an Nokia-based Android handset isn’t so crazy by itself. What’s crazy is that this big rumor started from one little job posting. The posting was looking for a Linux programming guy, and basically sparked an entire rumor that this ONE guy represented an Android phone development effort.

Logic seemed to point out that this wasn’t right. After all, Nokia makes software and has already pledged that it will be working with Mozilla to bring its Maps to Firefox OS, which is in fact Android-based. Nokia has also had its sights set on Android and iOS Nokia apps (Maps in particular).

In order to officially clear all this nonsense up, Nokia’s media relations head, Doug Dawson, has now stated that the job opening is in fact for Maps support on other platforms, and nothing less.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it silly that Nokia had to clarify this up to begin with. Nokia and Microsoft’s partnership is going pretty well, especially with the recent success of the Nokia Lumia 920. You also have to factor in that Nokia isn’t in the best fiscal position, yet. Microsoft advertises Nokia products and pays Nokia a great deal to stay exclusive.

Why risk that by making Android handsets? Did you believe this rumor was a true possibility or did you know it was false?

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