Logical, entirely logical. Windows Phone Blue was the very initial codename of Windows Phone 8.1, and now with the mobile operating system on the horizon, Nokia has designated the same name for its upcoming update.

This follows Nokia Amber and Nokia Black, by the way — and will obviously include some new features specifically tailored for the army of Lumia devices out in the wild today.

WPCentral first got a whiff of this in a short video posted by Nokia Russia that actually highlights some of the key features of the Nokia Black update. But towards the very end of the clip, the name Nokia Blue is mentioned, suggesting that this is the next major refresh of the firmware

There is every chance that will be released this year, probably in the summer.

With just a week left before BUILD 2014 kicks off and Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8.1 on April 2, Nokia fans are also expecting a bunch of new devices and smartphones from the Finnish giant.

However, while the Nokia Blue update will only come later this year, two of the rumored handsets, the Lumia 930 and Lumia 630 are expected to go on sale in Q2, which should make them the first devices to ship with Windows Phone 8.1 on board.

And well, the first devices to come with the Nokia Blue update built in.

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  1. Are these names just specifically different colored phones with roughly the same OS, or do the names indicate an entirely different phone regardless of color?

  2. Good news. The more Nokia options out there, the better! Great phones.

  3. Great news

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how many different phones Nokia has, especially when compared with the likes of very little differences in the iPhone. A variety of options is outstanding for everyone.

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