Nokia Board Chairman – Nokia have contingency plans in case Windows Phone 8

Nokia’s chairman of the board Risto Siilasmaa basically said that Nokia were hedging their bets against a Windows Phone 8 failure.

On a talk show last Thursday, the chairman basically outlined Nokia’s defensive stance re: Microsoft.

Siilasmaa said Windows Phone had been selected after a critical and detailed study of available options.

He said the Windows Phone 8 platform is a technological first, providing users with a seamless user experience across multiple platforms, from PCs to tablets and smartphones.

According to Siilasmaa, Nokia has a contingency plan in place if the Windows 8 Phone fails to live up to expectations. But he said the company was confident that the product would be a success.

If Windows Phone 8 fails to live up to expectations, he and his team won’t be the only ones scrambling for plan B.