Nokia Bringing The HERE Suite Of Apps To iOS And Android

Nokia Bringing The HERE Suite Of Apps To iOS And Android

Microsoft officially took charge of Nokia’s devices and services business last month, and the Finnish telecom giant now owns just a few businesses, alongside its lucrative patents portfolio.

And one area with huge untapped potential for Nokia is the popular HERE suite of applications.

HERE Maps, for instance, is one of the most popular such service on Windows Phone, but now it appears that the company is planning to debut the suite to other competing platforms — iOS and Android. Word about this first leaked a month or so back.

But now a new report talks about the upcoming release of HERE apps for Apple and Google mobile operating platforms in the very near future, according to some job posting by Nokia.

The company, it seems, is looking for a mobile software engineer that can develop for both the Android and iOS platforms. Here is a selection from the job description:

“The ideal candidate will have experience shipping one or more Android / iOS apps, currently on Google Play / Apple Store. You should have a strong passion for technology as evidenced by your personal projects that demonstrate your aptitude for superior engineering and strong customer-centric product sense.”

That’s not all though.

It appears that one more job posting has appeared from Nokia that talks in full elaborate detail about what the ideal candidate should be able to do.

Add two and two together, and it seems that Android will be the first to get the HERE suite of apps. Then there is also the case of the Nokia X family of smartphones that are powered by Google’s popular platform. An iOS release will follow suit in the not-so-distant future.

Microsoft, obviously, licenses the HERE suite for Windows Phone, as part of the buyout agreement. But if this new project comes to fruition, iOS and Android users might soon be able to enjoy it as well.

  • Ray C

    Why? I don’t get it. I can understand putting it on all Windows Phones, but what is the point of other platforms? Are they hoping people will like them, and it will get them to try Nokia phones?

    • Bill Franklin

      Agree. Doesn’t make sense. Don’t give you’re much more powerful and successful competition something that they could use as an advantage. People won’t leave the big companies to go to Windows Phone if the big companies have the advantages of Windows Phone on it.

      • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

        Microsoft should have bought Nokia in it’s entirety.

  • Elaine1

    Hmmmm. I wonder if this is a sign of Windows Phone just accepting their market share and trying to maximize profits short term. I hope not, but it does seem as though they’re hedging their bet here.

  • shinsenai

    Well, this Nokia is not the same it was until a couple of weeks ago. Their business is now software and services, not really the Windows Phone. For them it makes sense to expand to other platforms now.