Nokia Camera Technology Set To Arrive On Android, More Platforms

Nokia, or rather, what’s left of the once telecom king from Finland, is of immense interest to the rest of the technology world. Microsoft may now be the rightful owner of the devices and services business, but Nokia is active in other fields.

One area where the company has shown interest in is software.

After launching a test version of the Z Launcher for Android devices recently, the company now seems to have shifted attention back to hardware. Imaging hardware, for that matter.

A job posting has recently been spotted, where Nokia is looking for a senior engineer to design and implement drivers for different camera solutions on a variety of platforms — Android and beyond, people, Android and beyond.

Here is what he job description posted on LinkedIn says:

“We are looking for passionate camera driver engineer with an eye for quality and understanding of camera software from low level drivers towards the end user applications. The person we are looking for will take responsibility of designing and implementation of camera drivers for different camera solutions on variety of platforms.”

Now while it is safe to assume that this new camera technology will probably be released on Android initially, it might be offered to users on all mobile platforms, eventually.

The company has decades of expertise in camera and imaging on mobile devices, so don’t be surprised to see Nokia go official with their plans in a few months.

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