It really is amazing what $169 gets you these days. The trickledown effect of ever increasing computing technology is vividly evident here, as Nokia has just confirmed when its newest handset is launching.

Lumia 630 is the world’s first handset rocking Windows Phone 8.1, and on top of that it comes with dual SIM capabilities. A single SIM variant is also planned, don’t fret.

But there are many that love the convenience of connecting to two networks at once, for work or travelling purposes — and besides, it sure beats the hassle of carrying two smartphones, or swapping SIM cards constantly.

So anyway, this post on the Nokia Conversations blog highlights this attractive handset:

“From buying just the one phone instead of two, to enjoying the flexibility of choosing the best tariff for your connection with two SIMs, there’s money to be saved with the Nokia Lumia 630 dual SIM.”

Money to be saved, indeed.

Here is the video clip that accompanies the post:

Oh, that loud and generic music! Whose bright idea was that?

Now while the handset does a lot of things right, like labeling the SIMs (or networks, really) in different colors on the screen to avoid confusion, it does cut some corners in terms of camera flash, and other such bells and whistles.

Still, those interested in the device will be able to get their hands on it for $169, before subsidies and taxes, as soon as next month. It releases in Asia, China and India in May, and more markets soon after.

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  • Steve Fulton

    They’re only selling this in foreign markets for now? Also, is that $169 face value or with a 2 year contract? Because if it’s face value, that’s a great deal.

  • Bill Franklin

    Any plans on US market eventually? It seems like a rare phone that’s affordable, but also stellar. It’s not lacking in a lot of areas. I like what I see so far.

  • Jake

    I laughed at the loud generic music comment. Very true. Other than that, this looks like a great and affordable phone. I hope it comes to America soon.