Nokia Creates Wireless Charging Pants, Because Why Not

Pants already have a few roles, like keeping your body covered, warm and shielded. Soon these elements of fashion might offer another very important use. Recharging your smartphones.

That is, if Nokia have their way.

The company has created a pair of wireless charging pants. These are basically trousers that have wireless charging technology embedded into the pockets.

These are created in collaboration with British designer A. Sauvage, to not only ensure that they look good, but also provide security cover — that is to say, they don’t go up in flames by overheating and all that. But there you have it, a novel innovation in the wearables market.

Nokia did not have much trouble designing them, though.

Having already perfected the wireless charging technology, the company took a Nokia DC-50 charging plate apart and integrated it into the fabric. What we do not know, currently, is whether the pockets will be warmer because of this new technology, and what actually provides the clothing with energy.

No one wants having to recharge their pants via USB, that’s for sure!

All in due time, as they say.

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