Nokia To Debut 3D Features On Its First Windows Phone 8.1 Handset

Nokia To Debut 3D Features On Its First Windows Phone 8.1 Handset

The Finnish telecom titan sure seems like it has played all its cards for the year. It has only been a few weeks since it made its first ever phablet and first ever tablet official as the Lumia 1520 and the Lumia 2520 respectively.

And now attention is shifting towards the next major phase of the Windows Phone journey.

We do have some pointers about the codenames of several new Nokia devices that should hit the store shelves next year, and just today popped up a rumor that Windows Phone 8.1 (also known as Windows Phone Blue) will be first released on two Nokia smartphones, codenamed Goldfinger and Moneypenny.

Now The Verge is reporting that the company plans to pack one of these, Goldfinger, with a technology that has been under development for years, and has been labeled 3D Touch.

In fact, Nokia actually hinted at this new technology a while back.

The functionality allows the device to track user interactions straight off the glass — the Glance screen is something that works along these lines and allows Lumia owners to interact with the screen just by waving their hands close to the display.

The company’s Windows Phone 8.1 devices, however, are set to take this technology one step further.

Meaning the technology will be able to track hand movements not only above the screen, but also on the side of the phone. Users will probably be able to navigate the menus with scrolling and flipping gestures, without touching the screen itself.

Official confirmation on this has not been provided, but expect to hear more on this exciting new technology as we get nearer to the launch of the company’s new wave of devices.

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