Microsoft announced the availability of the Lumia Cyan update for users of Nokia smartphones yesterday, and now the company has followed up on this with a few new details.

You can read up on some of the new features of this refreshed firmware here.

This new post on the Nokia Conversations blog reveals that while the update is set to be available for all compatible devices in the coming weeks, some lucky folks have already started getting notifications on the handsets.

Lumia devices will automatically check for availability of the new software and inform users when it is ready to be downloaded — however, this can also be manually checked easily by going to Settings > Phone Update.

The new software is automatically downloaded when the smartphone is connected to a WiFi network. In fact, the company recommends downloading the update over a WiFi connection.

The reason? Simple enough. The process will be faster, without any mobile data charges.

One fact worth noting here is that the Lumia Cyan update arrives in the form of two updates. The second one is downloaded, as soon as the first one is installed — this is to ensure that all new necessary files have been set up correctly.

Since these are fairly large downloads, the update may require up to two hours for completion of download and installation. It is best to keep the phones plugged in during this time, or, you know, have them fully charged.

The handsets may also restart a few times during installation. Standard procedure.

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