Still waiting (im)patiently for Windows Phone 7.8? It’s hard to get too excited when you know that support is starting to die down for the older version of Windows Phone, but some new features coming to play is certainly better than if Microsoft had totally left you in the dark.

While we still don’t have the official date for the arrival of Windows Phone 7.8, we now might know all the features coming our way. According to a Nokia online customer survey leak, we now get a list of features that are brought by Nokia and brought by Microsoft in the update.

Some of this stuff we already were fully aware of, like the new Start screen with resizable Live tiles. Other features include Bing wallaper lcok screen, and new Nokia-specific features such as Cinemagraph, DRM-free media files via Bluetooth, a ring tone maker and updates Contacts Transfer and Share apps.

Keep in mind that the Nokia features will only be avaliable through Nokia phones. So what do you think of the features mentioned in the leaked survey photo above? More than you were hoping for, less?

With Nokia Lumia 920 and other great Windows Phone 8 handsets starting to surface, do you plan to ditch Windows Phone 7 for WP8 as soon as your current contract or other obligation is up?

Conversely, did the way that Microsoft treated Windows Phone 7 users (by not allowing WP8 upgrades) make you decide to move to another platform as soon as possible?

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  • dst

    microsoft’s policy of not allowing WP7 users a chance at upgrading is the SINGLE worst thing to happen to the windows phone platform. I just hope it’s a one-off.

  • Willem

    Andrew, you should know better than to say that Microsoft is ‘not allowing WP8 upgrades’ from WP7. You know as well as anyone that hardware limitations prevent such upgrades occurring.
    I have a WP7 – Lumia 800 – which is a fine piece of gear. We bought it knowing full well that it couldn’t be upgraded to WP8. We are keeping it in the family even though I have upgraded to the Lumia 920 – which is a superb phone! – because it is still a classy bit of gear.
    I am glad that MS and Nokia are upgrading WP7 to 7.8. I note also that WP7 is being maintained and developed for a range of lower powered Windows phones. It is not being abandoned, it is being developed.

    • Andrew_Grush

      Great points, Willem. Your right saying “not allowed” was poor word choice on my part. Thanks for commenting! 🙂