Nokia has made some odd decisions over the year, so gear up for another peculiar one. The company has stopped development of HERE Maps Windows Phone.

Yes, Microsoft’s very own mobile operating system.

Instead, the Finnish firm will now focus on Android and iOS instead. This report from the country reveals that Nokia is set to stop development of the HERE Maps suite for Lumia handsets. No wonder there has been no major updates to the apps on the platform — none whatsoever.

In the meantime, though, the company has brought HERE Maps to Android, where it clocked more than a million downloads in no time.

You can check the app on the Play Store here.

But users more or less love the solution for the neat advantages it brings compared to other mapping applications on the world’s most popular mobile platform. In particular the ability to store country or regional maps offline, unlike say, Google’s solution.

Sure beats having to tap into the Internet every time.

Nokia also plans to launch the HERE app on iOS next year, with development coming along at a brisk pace. Original plan was for a late 2014 launch, but you know how these things go.

So does this mean, Windows Phone users are going to be left in the dark?


While all this sounds dramatic, the app that you love will exist under a different banner on Windows Phone. Since Microsoft is already paying for the maps license, future development work will be handled by the company in Redmond.

The torch has been, well and truly, handed down to Microsoft.

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  1. From the Here Web Site:

    “We have noticed some discussions in the blogosphere about HERE on Windows Phone. We want to clarify that we are committed to providing great products and consumer experiences for Windows based phones. We will continue to support our HERE apps to ensure that they will be compatible with future versions of Windows.”

  2. propaganda.

  3. You never hear about Apple or Google putting stuff out first for Windows phones or put out anything for Windows phones.

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