Finnish telecommunication titan Nokia really knows how to turn up the heat. Unlike other Windows Phone partners, it has actively brought forward several custom and in-house solutions.

And the company’s efforts have not been in vain — everything Nokia has put up has gone a long way in establishing its brand and resulted in impressive sales of its Lumia devices. In many instances, sales of Lumia smartphones dwarf the competition from other Microsoft partners like HTC and Samsung.

Not only is the company planning to add more exclusive applications for Windows Phone, it also updates and enhances its current offerings.

The latest to get an update is the Nokia HERE suite of apps for Lumia devices.

Apps like Maps, Drive Plus Beta, Transit and City Lens all received the new update, and Nokia announced the news in a recent tweet. Brace for an overdose of the HERE word:

“HERE Maps, HERE Drive(+), HERE Transit & HERE City Lens for WP8 updated to fix minor bugs.”

According to the company, the newly updated applications get a series of bug fixes and performance improvements, though it has not exactly provided specific information on what has changed.

Those of you who own a Lumia Windows Phone 8 handset can head on over to the Windows Phone Store to install the new version of the apps to your devices. And yes, the apps can only be downloaded through Lumia smartphones.

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  1. Roger Sterling / April 10, 2013 at 4:16 am /Reply

    Lumia phones are amazing with WP8. So much excellent free stuff and amazing interface. I am getting sick of iphones and android clutter

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