So this happened. Samsung finally unveiled its highly anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone yesterday on the opening day of Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

And the event itself was decidedly dreary and dull — the device shared too much in common with its predecessors, the Galaxy S4. It might surely deliver in terms of performance and probably even camera improvements, but the software side of things and hardware design has largely remained unchained.

Nokia and HTC are two companies that are hustling around when it comes to the latter two factors.

And both took it on Twitter to make fun of the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch that happened last night. This usually happened when Apple launches a smartphones, but here we are.




The Finnish company has a lighter tease of the two, highlighting Samsung’s inability to differentiate its products and standout from the crowd, while HTC is a tad harsher as it prepares to launch its own flagship model later today, the successor to the popular HTC One.

Then again, Nokia too is known for a lot of its smartphones being built using the same unibody design.

Having said that both Nokia and HTC devices are far superior in terms of build quality compared to the Samsung Galaxy lineup of devices.

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  1. Maybe HTC would be in a better position if they would really put some muscle behind their products, especially their Windows Phone products

  2. That’s great….Love Nokia Lumia series…HTC should not only create Android , but must also focus more on its WP series…

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