Microsoft, and many would say, Nokia are not companies that are overly eager to go in on a specifications race. Instead both emphasize on features, design and the overall experience.

But with Update 3 for Windows Phone 8, Redmond’s mobile platform is more than ready to play with the big boys of the Android world. Not only does the latest version of the mobile OS offers support for quad-core processors, it also brings in support for full HD displays.

And the Nokia Lumia 1520 is not only the latest Windows Phone 8 flagship from the Finnish maker, it is as one of the souped-up smartphone you can get your hands on these days. It also sports the largest screen on a Lumia smartphone up until now.

But the fun does not end here. Nokia has thrown in its Assertive Display technology — which is capable of providing users with a richer and more vibrant experience on the go.

The company talked about this in detail on the Nokia Conversations blog, while saying that is the best screen they have created, as the display on this device works at an individual pixel level, making the screen more readable compared to other mobile devices.

In the words of Jussi Ropo, Nokia Display and Touch technology manager:

“In terms of technology and providing a great experience to our customers, the Nokia Lumia 1520 has the best screen we’ve ever created. Assertive Display is based on how the human visual system works. It processes the image in real time, just as your eye does.”

In simpler terms, the display is optimized to deliver clearer and sharper images regardless of the lighting conditions, as the screen adjusts itself depending on the environment.

Throw in the fact that things are at play on an individual pixel level and the pixels are stimulated differently when content on the screen is darker on one side, then it becomes clear that the company may really be onto something.

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