Nokia Imaging SDK Along With SensorCore SDK Now Up For Grabs

Windows Phone developers just got a great new treat. Microsoft have released Nokia Imaging SDK and SensorCore SDK Beta for Lumia devices, giving third party apps access into the uniquely powerful capabilities of these devices.

The former was unveiled in beta form at BUILD 2014, and now has a stable release with version 1.2. SensorCore is still in early state, however.

This pack of tools offer access to the same technology that powers Lumia exclusive apps like Creative Studio, Storyteller and Cinemagraph, and developers can now take full advantage of these features.

As this post on the Nokia Conversations blog states:

“With Universal apps, developers can now address the installed base of the Windows family with a single project, reusing a lot of their code across platforms. The Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 is fully compatible with Universal apps and Windows Runtime languages, providing developers with flexibility to use the languages they prefer.”

And this video offers a look at what the Lumia SensorCore brings to the table:

Essentially, this new technology is part of newer Lumia handsets and can collect more data about users including movements like walking, running, or staying idle. Chilling, but interesting, nevertheless.

More information about this is provided here, but users can now expect highly advanced apps like Bing Health & Fitness from third party developers, now that the SDK has been made available.

Interested developers can head over to the Nokia Developer portal to download these SDKs.

  • Drew J

    Really great feature. I think it’s good this is up for grabs because it’s a great technology to share and pass along to as many people as possible.