Nokia introduces new Xpress browser for Windows Phone 8

Between HTC, Samsung and a few others, Nokia certainly has some very real competition for Windows Phone 8. Nokia has done a reasonably good job of creating unique and attractive hardware to distinguish itself from the competitors, but they aren’t stopping there.

Nokia is great when it comes to custom software, and its WP8 efforts are going to continue that trend.

Nokia has now release Xpress for Lumia, a special app that the company bills as a way to “save data, time and money” when browsing the net. What is it exactly?

The beta-software is a special web browser that has data/bandwith monitoring, an RSS reader built-in and automatic transaltions and contextual search.

Xpress also has another cool feature: it can compress your data up to 85% during browsing sessions, which could help keep you from incurring overage charges on your mobile broadband bills. Other features include offline reading capabilities by saving webpages.

There is also a save feature that goes to SkyDrive instead of the device’s internal storage if you prefer.Xpress sounds like a reasonably impressive browser. The company also is touting discoverability features that prompt you to add sites to RSS feeds and more.

Best of all, this will work with Windows Phone 7.x and WP8. The software is available now through the WP store. Personally, this sounds great and hopefully makes it’s way over to Windows 8 as well. The only thing I wonder is if it will matter in the long run.

Nokia seems to be a sinking ship, which deeply saddens me. Recent news has them selling off their OG headquarters to make a few bucks to keep chugging along, but they are clearly going down slowly. Can they recover? I hope so, but the situation is looking bleaker by the day.

Nokia phones might not be the most popular right now, but they are well-designed from both a software and hardware perspective– there is a reason MS partnered so tightly with them.

If Nokia goes down, will it further hurt Windows Phone’s ecosystem or will other partners like HTC and Samsung pick up the slack?

I’d love to see MS buy Nokia and work with them to create the Surface phone line, though I’m not sure how profitable such a venture would be for them.

What do you think? Do you like Nokia software and hardware? What do you think of the new Xpress browser?

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