Nokia Is Calling Its Next Windows Phone Firmware Debian Red, Why?

Nokia Is Calling Its Next Windows Phone Firmware Debian Red, Why?

Sure, naming something is not the easiest job in the world, but totally spectacular names are still few and far. The minimum one can aim for is to not give something a confusing name.

But it seems the decision makers at Nokia (or Microsoft Mobile) prefer the perplexing side of things.

Nokia used to name the firmware updates for its phones using colors — the latest version is known as Lumia Cyan, the previous one was called Lumia Black, so on and so forth. One can imagine the next firmware refresh would be called Pink, or Magenta, or Burgundy, something like that.

But it appears that the name of the firmware that comes with the upcoming Lumia 730 smartphone is the rather unheard of Debian Red.

Somehow, someone, somewhere decided to give it this bewildering name.

Why, you ask?

Well, Debian Red is actually a color, appropriately so. Nothing wrong with that.

But one would have to imagine all other colors were already taken, because Debian is the name of a very popular distribution of the Linux operating systems, which itself has been used as a base for several other Linux builds.

Naming it this is just asking for confusion among users who search for information on this. Search engines could serve overlapping results, and that is never a good problem to have.

Keep it simple, people!

  • Cliff14

    So either Linux is involved in someway or Microsoft is just toying with people by throwing a smokescreen. Both options are interesting and intriguing.

  • Jesper Albers

    I guess it’s just to stick to the alphabet… Amber, Black, Cyan, then what colour comes with a D…