As the flag bearer of Windows Phone smartphones, Nokia has regularly invested a fair amount of effort in ensuring that its Lumia customer base has access to custom and exclusive mobile apps.

Now with the launch of its newest flagship, the Lumia 1020, both in the US and worldwide, the Finnish telecom giant hopes that a lot of people will get a chance to use the impressive 41 megapixel camera on the smartphone — along with its Pro Camera application.

And in order to improve the camera and imaging capabilities for Microsoft’s mobile platform, Nokia has announced that it will be sponsoring a new Windows Phone app development contest.

A post on Nokia’s blog has all sorts of details on the Nokia Future/Capture contest with an open invitation to Windows Phone developers worldwide.

Developers can submit up to three ideas for imaging based apps (or hacks) that can be used on the Nokia Lumia 1020 — with a deadline for entries set for July 31.

Nokia will then pick the 10 best ideas and fly the winners to a hackathon in Lund, Sweden, where they will try to turn their idea into a Windows Phone app. And interestingly, this is not all there it is to it. There is also a final twist to the contest that will not be revealed until the hackathon begins.

At the end of the hackathon, the winner of the best app will win their very own Nokia Lumia 1020, and also go on yet another trip to a Nokia VIP event where their app will be showcased.

Additionally, Nokia has promised that it will be giving some special promotion to the winning apps when it is released on the Windows Phone Store.

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