The Finnish mobile phone maker released its new flagship the Lumia 1020 to great fanfare earlier this month, and the smartphone itself received rave reviews once it was out in the wild. Undoubtedly, the most noticeable feature of the device is the deluxe 41 megapixel camera it sports on the back.

AT&T started taking preorders for the Lumia 1020 soon after the handset was unveiled, and began selling the smartphone on Friday in its retail stores in the United States.

Now a new analyst report claims that so far the initial demand for it is somewhat lower than expected.

William Power of R. W. Baird says that the firm visited a number of AT&T stores this past weekend to check in how the device was selling. Barron’s writes that while AT&T store representatives praised the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its remarkable camera, the sales of the smartphone were termed modest at best.

Some store representatives even believe that the phone’s $299.99 contract price is the main deal breaker here, while some customers have expressed concerns regarding the hassle of migrating to a new operating system:

“When asked what was limiting consumer adoption of the 1020, reps commonly cited the $300 price target and consumer concern with switching over to a new OS as the biggest hurdles.”

Nevertheless, some stores did manage to sell out the Lumia 1020 on the first day.

The wireless carrier itself quickly ran out of its first online preorder shipments, though AT&T’s website is now showing that the smartphone is back in stock in all three of its colors.

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