Nokia is set to make official its first phablet, the Lumia 1520 at the Nokia World 2013 event in Abu Dhabi that is set to kick off tomorrow. With mere hours remaining until the unveiling, press renders of the smartphone continue to pop up.

The latest one shows the Nokia Lumia 1520 with what is being called the Treasure Tag.

Famous leaker of devices, evleaks, is the one behind this tweet, so we can safely assume that this is the real deal. The complete functionality of this new gizmo may only be evident on launch day, but there are some pointers to what it offers.

The Treasure Tag packs NFC (Near Field Communication) for easy pairing with Lumia smartphones.

Word is that it can be set up using a dedicated Windows Phone 8 app, and it also makes use of Bluetooth connectivity, which has been added to current Lumia handsets via the Amber update. Either way, stay tuned for more on this interesting new addition.

Additionally, we have some new information from China that reveals the outright price of the upcoming phablet in the mainland. The device is expected to be available for purchase in the country for 5,000 yuan, off contract.

This translates to around $820 in the United States or €600 in Europe.

Of course, this is the latest hearsay on the matter, and we will only have complete official details tomorrow during the Nokia World event. But it is shaping up to be quite some launch, this much is very agreeable.

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  1. My contract is up for renewal so I’m anxiously waiting for this. Hopefully it’ll be available in Canada soon after the announcement…..

  2. What’s the normal cost of a phablet as compare to a regular size smart phone?

    • Well that depends on the specs, a phablet with basic features retails sometimes retails for almost half the coins compared to a high-end smartphone. But on the whole, the quality ones are expensive as they are niche devices.

      For the most part this $800 price outright seems about okayish.

  3. Arseny Mikhaylov / October 21, 2013 at 3:26 pm /Reply

    Chines prices are in no way competitive.
    If this were true the 1520 would retail for less than the 1020 which goes up to 710€ off contract at some carriers

    • Well it wasn’t that far off from official price tag of $749 revealed yesterday, anyway. But true, in most countries prices are quite uncompetitive, at least when it comes to technology prices. Supply and demand coming into play, I guess.

      That, and sometimes, plain old greed.

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