With several new smartphones and a new flagship officially unveiled by Nokia, attention is now shifting to the Finnish company’s first ever phablet. The large screen device is rumored to hit the market as the Lumia 1520.

And now we may just have some more information about its physical size.

The Windows Phone 8 powered handset is widely expected to be made official later this month at a Nokia event set to take place in New York. And the phone was recently spotted in a leaked photo that allegedly showed it next to the Lumia 1020.

Some enthusiasts have now estimated the size of the device based on the leaked image.

A report on WPCentral states that the new Nokia phablet (codenamed Bandit) should arrive with dimensions of 169.9 mm by 88.9 mm — which translates to 6.69 by 3.5 in inches.

What this basically confirms is that the handset will indeed sport a 6 inch display, as reported earlier.

This actually makes Nokia’s large smartphone to be comparable in size with Samsung’s Android giant, the Galaxy Mega 6.3, although it will come with a smaller touchscreen display. But hey, for a first entry into the phablet domain, few would demand better.

Although several other details are still under wraps, the Lumia 1520 is said to feature a full HD 1080p resolution screen, which is to be powered by the GDR3 upgrade to Microsoft’s mobile platform.

We should have more information on this as we head into the event later this month.

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