One recourse, I suppose lies in the irony. Nokia fans that were anticipatively expecting more details on the company’s small form factor Windows tablet will be majorly disappointed by what follows.

Word is that that the company has pulled on the plug on its tablet that was codenamed Illusionist.

Also known as the Lumia 2020, this was said to be the Nokia’s 8-inch Windows RT slate, and the device was confirmed to be in existence thanks to a few benchmarks and even a retail listing. All these factors contributed to the buzz, which it now appears amounted to little.

According to this report, insider sources have confirmed that the Finnish company pulled the plug on its 8.3-inch slate, the Lumia 2020, before it went into production. The company executives, it is claimed, were the ones that cancelled the tablet.

And although there is no official confirmation on the matter, the source is rather trustworthy.

Whether Microsoft’s recent developments on the Surface Mini front have factored into this decision, or it is because of the lukewarm response to the Lumia 2520, the larger model, we may never know. But right now if you are looking for a Nokia tablet, you only have one option.

The codename choice of Illusionist, as noted above, is appropriately ironic.

What do you guys think of this rumor? Let’s hear it.

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  • Ray C

    Dumb idea. Mini-tablets is where the buzz is. They at least put one out. And of course the 2520 isn’t a splash thus far. It was almost the last tablet to come out this year, and almost everyone else is offering big-time holiday deals. I have not seen many deals or bundles on the device

  • WillyThePooh

    It looks more likely MS is going to offer mini tablet now.