Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet Rumored To Get A $100 Discount At Verizon On Black Friday

November 22 is shaping up to be a big day not just for Microsoft but Nokia too. While Redmond is ready to unleash Xbox One on this day, AT&T also seems ready to launch Nokia’s first ever phablet and tablet.

As reported here, the Nokia Lumia 1520 has been delayed by a week, and will hit store shelves across the length and breadth of United States alongside the Nokia Lumia 2520 on November 22.

It will surely be a busy day for all involved — Verizon too, as it will also release the tablet.

But those that can contain their excitement for a few days longer, may be able to avail Nokia’s Windows RT 8.1 slate for an absolutely awesome price. According to a new rumor, Verizon has prepared a special deal for Nokia 2520 for Black Friday.

Windows Phone Central managed to get their hands on a photo that showcases the deal.

The image shows that customers will be able to purchase the tablet in black and red for only $399 with a contract. This translates into a discount of $100 off the regular price of $499 — making for a rather attractive deal for US customers that have the tablet in mind, a solid 20 percent discount.

Black Friday is the next Friday after Thanksgiving, by the way.

File this as a rumor for now, even if looks as legit as they come. We should have more details on this amazing deal in the days leading up to the promotion on Friday, November 29.

  • Ray C

    They should give you the option of adding it to your current phone data plan like a phone and tablet share plan. Maybe they should have family tablet share plans.