Nokia Lumia 520 Claims Nearly A Third Of The Total Windows Phone Market

The affordable juggernaut that is the Nokia Lumia 520 is showing no signs of slowing down. Since its announcement at last year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), the handset has pretty much conquered the Windows Phone world.

It now accounts for nearly a third of the total market — overwhelming.

AdDuplex has just released its updated statistics report for February 2014, and data collected from 3,310 Windows Phone apps shows that the Lumia 520 now has 33 percent of the market share to its name. The figure grows to 36.3 percent if you combine the Lumia 521 variant.

Microsoft and Nokia have afforded the most promotion and the heaviest marketing for their high-end smartphones, and while these sets are doing alright, they are yet to really grab the share away from low and midrange devices.

The Nokia Lumia 920, for instance, comes in second place at 7.4 percent overall, while the fan favorite Lumia 1020 appears at eight on the US chart, and outside the top ten worldwide.

Moving on to other interesting bits in these statistics, Windows Phone 8 now has 80 percent of the market to its name, while the remaining is occupied by Windows Phone 7.

Expect a shift in these numbers later this year when Windows Phone 8.1 is released.

And finally, when it comes to manufactures, some 92.6 percent of devices now carry a Nokia logo. HTC is at 5.1 percent, Samsung 1.4 while Huawei is good enough for 0.9 percent. Microsoft would be hoping for a positive change here too, before the year is out.