Nokia Lumia 520 Saves A Police Officer From Taking A Bullet

Nokia Lumia 520 Saves A Police Officer From Taking A Bullet

Now, that’s what I call dodging a bullet! We just might have figured out the real reason why the Nokia Lumia 520 are so successful. These little buggers are rock solid and can even take a bullet.

You can either pin this on the Gorilla Glass, or Nokia’s build quality.

But an unnamed police officer in Brazil credits the Lumia 520 for saving him from a bullet fired at him. The law enforcement official was off-duty when he was fired upon, and in fact, had arrived at his parents’ home to find out that the house had been invaded.

Two criminals had taken his father and mother hostage.

And according to this report, the robbers fired two shots at the policeman. One bullet missed him, while the other round entered his back pocket — where you guessed it, the Lumia 520 was located. When a bullet meets a Lumia handset, even if the cheapest on the market, only one survives.

Thankfully, both the cop and his parents are now safe, however the robbers are still at large.

Nokia’s handsets have always boasted solid build quality, and while not bullet proof by any stretch of imagination, one would imagine the distance and angle factored in to save the chap from the shot.

Then again, several other items have blocked bullets in the past, from wallets to watches.

  • Kelsy Martin

    Get this man another Lumia! Heroic effort from the policeman here. I’m just glad the Lumia could help save him from injury.

  • Ray C

    Get this man a new phone

  • Ray C

    I’m definitely sharing this article

    • Drew J

      Perfect article to share. What a story! Even though it doesn’t really have to do with Lumia or Windows Phone, it sort of does! I could see this being a commercial about how tough the phone is! haha

  • Claire R

    Crazy story! Publicity like this is definitely a positive though for Windows. Even though that may be cynical of me to say!