Nokia Lumia 630 Reportedly Shows Up At The FCC

The Finnish telecom giant seems well on its way to unleashing a new affordable midrange handset in the form of the Lumia 630, and the anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 powered device is now one step closer to becoming official.

That is because the smartphone has (possibly) been spotted at the FCC.

Going by the model number Nokia RM-976, a smartphone has just received the necessary approvals from the federal communication body, which is believed to be the upcoming Nokia Lumia 630.

Heat on this device has been picking up in recent weeks, with insiders claiming that the company is planning to hold a special press event on April 19, where it will announce this, and a few other Windows Phone 8.1 powered handsets.

As is usually the norm, the full hardware specifications are not revealed in the FCC listing.

But when it comes to connectivity options, the handset is said to be packing a WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS receiver, standard stuff, really. Diagrams show the upcoming device has a width of 66.7 mm along with height measurements of 129.5 mm — quite in line with previous leaks.

The 4.5-incher with a 1280 by 720 pixel resolution screen is said to only offer onscreen navigation buttons, a notion which is expected to become standard with Windows Phone 8.1.