Nokia Lumia 900 gets great reviews on Amazon

Nokia Lumia 900 gets great reviews on Amazon

Pretty interesting to see what consumers are saying about the Nokia Lumia 900.

When you go to buy a Nokia Lumia 900 on Amazon’s wireless site, you also get to read some of the reviews from customers who bought the phone.

I took a sample of some of the reviews and they look pretty good.

Pretty impressive reviews from consumers.

You can see them for yourself here.

Now, would you buy a Nokia Lumia phone?

Use the comments below and let us know why or why not.

  • Jan

    I want to buy, but in europe it is not available yet. But it should be in the coming days

  • Rug Ratz

    What about the issue that it is not going to be upgradeable at all?  You have the greatest thing “now” but when it needs a fix in 6 to 9 months, you’re out of luck?