It seems that Nokia Lumia 920 handsets are flying off the shelves.

Not only are major retailers like Walmart and Best Buy are showing the device as temporarily sold out, even AT&T’s own website doesn’t seem to have some colors in stock.

The new Nokia Lumia 920 has a strong build quality and a design that seems to be doing quite well so far. Even better, Windows Phone 8 brings new apps and better integration with desktop Windows and even Office.

So are all AT&T Lumia handsets out of stock? No, you can’t get the more “colorful” models but black and white are still in stock.

Windows Phone 8 could finally be Microsoft’s chance to truly win itself a solid footing in the mobile market, but it won’t be without its own struggles. What stands in their way? A lack of apps and early launch problems. While the app library is growing quickly, there have been a few recent hardware problems that could give Windows Phone 8 a negative reputation for some.

What’s the problem? Apparently both HTC and Nokia users are reporting problems with random restarting and battery life. Turning off the extra features like NFC seem to help on the battery issues, but the restarting problem isn’t fixable for everyone, though some have had luck with simply factory resetting the phone.

Are these problems with optimization with Windows Phone 8 or are they “truly” hardware issues? We don’t fully know yet. It is also worth noting that some Nokia Lumia 920 owners have reported that attempting to hard-reset their devices has ended up bricking them completely.

All new platforms have launch problems, no matter the company. Can Microsoft rise above it? Yes, I believe they can. Whether its through continued support of their partners or the creation of their own Surface phone hardware, Windows Phone 8 has a ton of potential.

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  • Kevin Danker

    I love my 920 and very happy to report rock solid performance.