With more phones going “big” these days, it isn’t surprising to see a new leaked photo that shows off a Nokia device that is likely around a similar size to the Note 2 (around 5.5-inches).

So what is this photo all about? The leaked photo shows a device by the name of “Juggernaut Semaphore” that has an older Window Phone 7 style logo on its front but is in fact running Windows Phone 8 (based on the presence of the Family Room app).
This is likely a prototype of the previously rumored Juggernaut Alpha once seen on a list of Windows Phone 8 devices before the launch. That said, there is no indications that this is a real product that Nokia intends to introduce.

In fact, with its lowly 480×800 resolution, it seems more than likely that this was a test unit not meant for the light of day. That said, it does have a modern Qualcomm processor on board.

Even if this Juggernaut Semaphore is the real deal, you can bet this was a very early test variant. Whatever is in the works right now is probably at least a few months away and will likely look much different from the picture above.

Still, with more phones going larger– the idea has merit. Imagine if something of similar style and shape received a little more color and sex appeal, while throwing in a 1080p display. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Windows Phone 8 might never make its way into a tablet, but I think it would make a pretty awesome OS for phablet devices in the same vein as the Galaxy Note 2. For more information about this alleged Nokia Lumia smartphone check the source link below.

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  • Robert Kegel

    I would love if this phone went to Sprint. If I knew it was, I’d wait a few months for it. 🙂

  • Ingko Gango

    wow.. 1080p display