Is there a change in sight? There better be, because these devices are running with the show. Nokia Lumia market share has now officially climbed to 95% of the total market.

Which makes for a 0.5% increase from last month for Microsoft Mobile.

One the flipside, a substantial amount of users have deployed Windows Phone 8.1. Although the deployment of this new version of the mobile operating system began a few weeks ago, things are showing that the new OS will soon become dominant.

Windows Phone 8.1 is now installed on 24.4% of all compatible handsets on the market.

This has been revealed in the latest AdDuplex statistics, which show a real improvement regarding the newest version of Windows Phone for data recorded on August 25. However, a lot of Windows Phone 7 devices are still present, making up 19.2% of the pie.

That leaves Windows Phone 8 this month with a 56.5% share.

The worrying thing is the share of manufacturers. Third party mobile phone vendors barely register now, with HTC coming in second with 3.3%, Samsung at a disappointing 1.1% and Huawei at 0.7% completing the original trio.

Luckily, a number of new such devices are on track to hit store shelves next month, and later in the year, so things are going to change radically very soon.

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  • Ray C

    The HTC phone did just come out, and let’s wait for an LG phone to come out