We dive into the amazing world of patents once again. Unlike the Apple and Samsung ordeal, the stakes here may be lower, but this is still a notable development.

This time, the two parties are Nokia and HTC — and the Finnish telecom giant has managed to obtain an injunction against HTC One Mini, which will now result in the smartphone getting banned for sale in the United Kingdom from December 6 onwards.

As Bloomberg reports, a London judge has announced the ruling, and the smartphone was found to be infringing on more than one patents that belong to Nokia.

HTC One and HTC One Mini are two of the most popular handsets that the Taiwanese company has launched in recent months, and while this is sure to be a big blow for HTC, things could have been much worse — the HTC One also infringes on a few Nokia patents.

But Judge Richard Arnold decided against blocking the sales of the flagship model.

The reason cited is that blocking sales of both the smartphones in the UK market would hurt HTC considerably. The Taiwanese company is already struggling on more than one fronts.

It does, however, still has a chance to appeal.

Nokia officials have nevertheless confirmed that HTC has agreed not to import the HTC One and the HTC One Mini into UK, pending the appeal. Expect more developments here in the coming weeks.

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